FB_IMG_1606313842417Birthed out of a passion for serene environments, with the main purpose of working with our clients as they create their sanctuaries by providing comprehensive interior design solutions, we have grown into Baraka Interior Designs, .

Baraka, meaning blessing in Swahili, is the very essence of our existence.  We know that our creativity and our work is a blessing, a gift from God and we thrive on being a blessing to our clients, as we take on the interior design journey with them, every step and every moment, from inception to conclusion of each project.

At Baraka, we have understood that no two clients or projects are ever the same.  while we draw from our previous experience, we tackle each new project differently as  we make it our core business to understand our clients more and more each day and suport them in their journeys to create their worlds as they make their statement with style.  We handle each client and project with utmost care and kwa upendo.