At Baraka we are committed to our core Values and our Destiny, Cause and Calling.

Our  Values are the fundamental principles that we hold dear, and which influence our being. These are

  • By “Kwa Upendo” we mean: “With Love, in all that we do, we do with love.”
  • By “Commitment” we mean: “We take pride in our work ethic, driven by dedication and discipline.”
  • By “Relationships” we mean: “We strive to mould lasting customer relationships, built on trust.”
  • By “Integrity” we mean: “We uphold the virtues of honesty and professionalism.”
  • By “Teamwork” we mean: “In our pursuit of success, we recognize our mutual interdependence”.

Our Destiny: Greatness
The Cause: To add value for our clients as we help them create their inspired looks in their spaces.
Our Calling: To serve